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We have put together some information to assist you in choosing the right service for your loved one.

Whether you are looking towards cremation or burial there are many options available. Your decision may be influenced on many factors including tradition, religion, cost and the wishes of your loved one.

Direct Cremations from £1550

A direct cremation is for people who are looking for a simple cremation to take place where there is no service required. This would occur by bringing your loved one into our care and then arrange a suitable time and date for the cremation to take place at Torquay Crematorium, whilst overseeing and organising the necessary paperwork. A simple cremation coffin would be used and your loved one would be dressed in either one of our gowns or own clothes of your choice, giving you the choice to come and view your loved one within office hours at no extra charge. On the day of cremation, a small floral tribute will be placed on top of the coffin.


Torquay Crematorium serves the whole of Torquay, Paignton, Brixham, Newton Abbot and the surrounding areas. The vast majority of our cremations take place here, including our Direct Cremations. Torquay crematorium offer service times starting at 09:30am until 5:30pm, these are 1 hour slots giving you 45 minutes in the chapel. An extended service can be provided for an additional fee charged by Torquay Crematorium. 

If you wish to contact Torquay Crematorium, you can do so by Telephone on: 01803 327768 or visit their website for more information https://www.torquaycrematorium.co.uk/

Torquay Cemetery & Crematorium is located at:
Hele Road

Traditional Funeral

A traditional funeral can consist of numerous factors, from a simple service in the crematorium chapel, to a full service in your chosen place of worship. We can make arrangements for a burial at a local cemetery, churchyard and also natural burial grounds. We can help and guide you through organising everything, from advice on floral arrangements to choice of coffin and order of service. Every funeral we arrange is bespoke to your loved ones needs.

Religious and Non-Religious Services

We can organise religious and non-religious services, depending on your loved one’s beliefs. If it is a religious service you prefer, we can help find a suitable minister to take the service or guide you through and create the perfect unique service for your loved one.


Green Burials are perfect for people who love the freedom and tranquillity of the outdoors, a place to come and reflect on your loved one’s life in the quietness of the countryside….


If you would like details regarding our pricing, please take a look at our PDF below